Hello, I am Sebastian Perchey.

A UK based entrepreneur and A CryptoCurrency Expert & A Forex trader today i am the proud owner of an Amazing project called NoLossTrade which is based on Forex & crypto trading.

A Financial Analyst & A Mentor

Here is me What I DO & What I AM


Years of Experience

Financial Analyst

I am & I was responsible for a variety of research tasks to develop investment strategy and make investment decisions for the company or clients.


Being a Mentor i developed Personal and professional skills of many people who want to pursue & achieve, i personally learnt invaluable lessons everyday by mentoring.


I was a trader at many Financial Institutions where i traded with the company's Portfolio and always focused on Achieving & Learning and today NoLossTrade is a result of my experience.


"Always be open to Opportunities for creating opportunities & fulfilling your Dreams" as a investor you Learn& Earn so i have always tried investing and have a successful 83% ratio of Winning.

My Career History & Timeline

Please look what I have done so far in my life.


Years Old

  1. Born In France.

  2. Completed Schooling from Aix-Marseille University.

  3. Graduated from Pantheon-Sorbonne University.

  4. Completed Forex trading Course.

  5. Started working as an Financial Analyst for Altair.

  6. Moved to Canada for New job in AmplifyAdvisors.

  7. Worked as an Customer Support Head for Telus International.

  8. Moved to UK.

  9. Worked as an Trader in an Institutional Broker for XM.

  10. Started Learning about CryptoCurrency.

  11. Worked as an Trader in in an Institutional Broker for PepperStone.

  12. Worked as an CryptoCurrency advisory for Kraken.

  13. Started Offline trading in UK.

  14. Started hiring Traders for growth.

  15. Started developing my own Project.

  16. Currently Serving as the CEO of NoLossTrade.

Major subjects

Graduated from Pantheon-Sorbonne University for Marketing & Finance.

My Achievements

Earned Best Employee & Best Skilled Trainer Award in XM.

What I learned

Learnt things that can help me pursue & will enable sessions for others to achieve.



Customers love the work i do

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